Book Review: She Wore Red Trainers

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When I first heard that a “Muslim love story” was on the horizon, I could barely contain my enthusiasm. Knowing that Na’ima B. Robert would be taking on this task only filled me with confidence. This is the author that brought you the inspirational From My Sisters’ Lips, the heart-wrenching Far From Home and the thought-provoking Black Sheep. Unafraid of controversy and depth, Na’ima B. Robert brings you her latest novel for Young Adults, She Wore Red Trainers.

With my Young Adult years not so far behind me, I can confidently and unashamedly recall the sheer number of Young Adult romance novels I devoured on a weekly basis. With my childhood surrounded by the Disney princesses of my time, I was no stranger to drifting off into a fantasy land with my prince on his noble steed sweeping me off my feet. Unfortunately, once I hit my teens, I believed this fantasy land to be just that – a fantasy. Like most of my peers, we saw the windswept romance of movies and novels to be an enjoyment for non-Muslims. With what we saw as suffocating and almost impractical rules and regulations surrounding any attempt at finding love, we didn’t believe a heart-fluttering romance to be achievable.

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Don’t Be Sad


Don’t Be Sad

Written by Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

Published by IIPH

Reviewed by Khadijah Stott-Andrew

“It’s the will of Allah, sis. Just have sabr, insha Allah.”

“Always remember – Allah tests those he loves.”

Sound familiar? Whenever we turn to others for support during a difficult time, we are swarmed with comments like these. We hate to admit it, but they often provide little comfort. We are told to turn to our deen during times of need, but not many people explain how we can actually do that. How can we find the strength to be patient when our tests almost cripple us? How can we feel content with total reliance on Allah swt when it feels like the whole world is crashing at our feet, leaving us isolated and lost? Continue reading

Spirituality Through Reading

As a Muslim, I believe I am made up of two components – body and soul. Through these two components, I live my life’s purpose. However, whilst we are well aware of the basic needs of our bodies (fruit, water, food, exercise, etc,) we often neglect the basic needs of our souls. Spirituality is nourishment for our souls. It provides us with the motivation and energy to live a life of fulfilment, not just towards Allah (God), but towards ourselves.

Below are my top reads for adding that spiritual nourishment. Snuggling down with these books always fills me with confidence, happiness and a sense of understanding of my life and my purpose. Click on their titles to see how you can get hold of these amazing books for yourself! Note that I have limited my choices to Islamic reading. Hopefully, I will write another post in the future that lists books from a wider genre. Continue reading