About Me

My name is Khadijah, and I am a Muslim. I am a mother. A daughter. A wife.

But, I am also a woman.

And so begins the constant internal struggle of all these roles I am meant to fill. Can I be everything I aspire to be, whilst staying within the grounds of my faith? Can I have my own dreams and ambitions whilst I cook the dinner and fold the laundry? Can I nurture my children, care for my husband, serve my parents, please my Lord AND still feel complete and satisfied as ‘Khadijah’?

Who is ‘Khadijah’, anyway?

‘Finding oneself’ is a term that used to make me cringe. But, marrying young, having children young, I never actually took the time to find out what makes me ME. Do I regret marriage and motherhood? Absolutely not! But now it’s time for Khadijah to shine through, and this blog is my journey of self-discovery.

When we write, we are able to explore a wide range of emotions, issues, and ideas. Therein lies my motivation and vision as an editor and as a writer. In a world of ignorance, writing is our saving grace. I am on a mission to nurture and sculpt the written word into a phenomenon we can all be proud of. Whether we like it or not, writing is a driving force that influences humanity and inspires society.

Welcome to my website, my portfolio, my platform. I offer a variety of topics for you to read and engage in, as well as consultations and editing services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me any time at k.stottandrew@gmail.com


Are you past the idea stage and ready to publish a completed manuscript? My input and support can inspire new directions for your writing and transform your work into a polished, professional manuscript that is ready to go out into the world.