Do You Want to Publish a Book?

Along with my love of writing, I offer unique, extensive editing packages for the following categories:

  1. Women’s Voices (non-fiction/creative non-fiction) – Have you written a book about your struggles and triumphs? Do you have a message you want to share with other Muslim women? Do you dream of inspiring Muslim women around the world with your book?
  2. Children and YA (fiction and non-fiction) – Do you have a great story or some great advice? Is there are topic you want to help the youth understand?

My Mission

My dream isn’t just to get my own voice into the world, but to help other women craft and submit their own voices, as well. My years editing with SISTERS Magazine have shown me the value of a woman’s voice. We all have a story to tell and wisdom to share. As Muslim women, the challenges and experiences we go through in life are worthy of being told – you never know how many people will be touched and comforted by your stories. They are probably going through the same thing and need to feel like they are not alone!

The market for children’s books not only needs a lot of work, but it is vitally important. The literature future generations are exposed to will shape their minds, opinions, and even their identities. This is why I offer my services to those wishing to publish either Children or Young Adult books. My knowledge of the industry both in marketing, editing, and as a consumer will help shape your book into something that will make a difference in this world.

The Way I Work

As a writer, I understand the love and passion we have for our work and I understand the instinct to protect it. I understand the anxiety we feel when we open ourselves up to criticism.

As an editor, I want you to get the most out of your work and be the best writer you can be. My aim is to help you tap into the potential of your work and your potential as a writer.

With my skills as an editor, my knowledge of the industry, and my empathy as a writer, I provide a unique service with your vision and your preferences in mind.

Both Big Picture Analysis, Writing Journey, and Line edits come with an extensive workbook with guidance and exercises uniquely designed for you and your manuscript. This workbook will guide you through any changes made, as well as training you with new writing and editing skills.

Can You Trust Me?

Being Content Editor for the Reflections section of SISTERS Magazine has been my inspiration and my motivation for a lot of the work I do, but I have been blessed to also work with Kube Publishing, International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH), and AboutIslam.

Can you trust me? Well, I wouldn’t be offering these services if I didn’t have full confidence in my ability to bring your writing to a standard worthy of being published.

If you’re still unsure, email me, and let’s have a chat!

Do you have a story to tell? Inspiration to share? Check out my editing services below, and drop me an email if you think we’ll make an awesome team!

Writing Journey

Unique to each client, your Writing Journey will be complete with exercises, writing challenges and extensive support from me. Together we will develop strategies to improve your writing and achieve success as a published author.

Editorial Review

This is a consultation designed for those who have written their first draft but would still like to play around with it before submitting it for a full editing package. Providing a professional opinion, an Editorial Review will give you valuable feedback and advice on what needs improving, what works well, and interesting ideas to try with your manuscript.

Big Picture Analysis

This service comes with unlimited email support during the editing process. You will receive detailed notes on the following (depending on your genre/category):

  • Plot consistency
  • Character analysis
  • Narrative pace
  • Narrative development
  • Language use
  • Dialogue
  • Tone and diction and its suitability for your intended audience
  • Presentation and ensuring it is organised rationally and appropriately
  • Clarifying ambiguous statements
  • Full diction analysis

Line Edits

This is the option suited to those who have gone through the Big Picture Analysis stage or are 100% happy and confident in their manuscript.

Your manuscript will receive a full copyedit. I will check:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and language use
  • Consistency
  • Internal consistency
  • Layout
  • Design

Then, once you have had your manuscript designed (complete with illustrations, if required) and you’re ready to publish, I will perform a final proofread, correcting anything that may have become jumbled during the design stage. This includes a check for:

  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Fonts
  • Cover pages
  • Copyright pages
  • Page numbers

Proofread Only

You will receive notes on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and layout. Please note, proofreading should be reserved for your absolute final draft, after all edits and revisions have been made.

Combination Package

For those wishing for more than one of the above services, a combination package can be arranged at a discounted rate. Email K.STOTTANDREW@GMAIL.COM for more information.